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Dance Fitness

Strengthening and conditioning for all styles

Sydney Vintage Dance Studio can help you reach your fitness goals with  our on theme fitness classes.

Barre Fitness

Combining the elegance of mat pilates with ballet conditioning, barre is your new favourite dance fitness class!


Join our resident barre queen, Bridie Doll, for an invigorating (and challenging!) full-body workout designed to lengthen and strengthen your muscles, improve your posture, flexibility and coordination - and boost your confidence! Each week you'll be guided through a flowing warm-up into a series of targeted toning exercises for the arms, thighs, glutes and core, rounded off with an extended stretch to finish! Suitable for all levels.

Stretch & Flex

Have you ever heard that internal monologue "I am not flexible enough to do that?" or "I am not flexible enough for a stretch class!"- then this course is for you. 


Everyone is born flexible but over our life we can become complacent and forget to give our muscles the stretch that they need to deal with the every day pressure we put on our bodies.


This is a gentle stretch class, that uses straps and muscle energy to lengthen and strengthen your muscles, that when practiced regularly, you will see results within 2 weeks.

Lunchtime Stretch Express

Are you over feeling like a dried up Pretzel? Are you sitting in your home office needing some stretch guidance and some human online interaction? 


This stretch express will have a particular focus on relieving tight necks, lower backs and legs.


This is not a yoga or pilates class, however principles of both of these practices are incorporated along with dance physio based stretches that offer you safe and progressive alternatives for each stretch move regardless of your flexibility. 


Resistance and active stretching along with some passive stretches using straps will make up this 40 minute session.

80s Cardio Express

This is a 45 minute fist pumping, cardio funk vibing, 80s kitch dance session that will have you smiling and feeling fine to our 80s mix tape!


A mix of tribal belly dance and traditoinal belly moves, this course is designed to give your mid section a complete workout! Combinibng the ancient roots of bellydance with a modern twist, incorporating elements of other dance forms such as Indian, hip-hop, flamenco, and vaudeville. Earthy and snake-like yet fun and cheeky, music ranges from world to electronic to contemporary. This class teaches you how move fluidly and how to control your body parts independently, while toning the abdominals, encouraging good posture and improving flexibility.


A 45 minute Fan work out to boost your endurance and challenge your dexterity! (FAN INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING)


Set to a pop playlist from 2000-2005 we will have you weaving shapes and repetitive moves to build your fan confidence. We will start the session with a 10 minute warm up with 1-2kg hand weights and the work the magic of the killer tunes, working towards greater momentum, strength and flow of your fan practice.


Must have done at least 1 course of Beginners and / or Open level to participate in this course. 

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