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Dancing through the Ages

From the twenties to the noughties!

Sydney Vintage Dance Studio has it all! Learn to Charleston like you're from the twenties, or GoGo like it's the sixties!

20s Charleston

Step in to the roaring 20s where the dancing was infectious and the good times rolled! In this course you will learn the infectious dance called the Charleston! Variations of the Charleston will be taught along with a whole host of other 1920s moves!


This course is for beginners and anyone who enjoys learning vintage dance styles. We will be learning the Mooch, Camel Walk and the Scarecrow and of course the Charleston!


This high energy, upbeat dance style is sure to get your heart pumping and your feet pulsing and will improve your co-ordination, rhythm and musicality! 

Please wear flat comfortable dance shoes or socks and a smile!

Gatsby Grind

A 45 minute dance workout dedicated to learning the infectious Charleston and 20s jazz moves! If you love your music 1920s style in Paris then this is wear its at! Clear some space in your living room, wear socks if you have carpet, otherwise a soft sole shoe on other surfaces.

40s Solo Blues

The style of this dance is to encompass individuality where the blues music leads the dance. Expressive, sensual and mesmerising this dance style has its own set of vocabulary that were made famous at the latter part of last century and early this century in African American culture. 


You will learn classic steps such as the fishtail, the mooche, the funky butt, tacky annie, the slow drag and more. 


The course will be taught to vintage blues music with simple subtleties that encompass the less structured style of dance as it is a vernacular in style, so you will find freedom within the movements so you can organically find your own flavour.

50s Jive

The multi award winning Kelly Ann Doll is amps up the pace with her stylised Jive class reminiscent of the "Doll".


Come and learn from the Burlesque Queen of Quick with her very special latin jazz fusion burlesque.


A super fun and fast paced class set to latin jazz and jive beats that will give you the skills to have you burning up that stage in no time with fast foot work, spins & tricks teamed with the trademark sass of Kelly Ann Doll, what more could you want!

60s GoGo

Come and learn the swim, the twist, the monkey and wiggle your hips like never before! Step back in time to a go-go club and get your groove on in this energetic vintage dance style!

Giggle while you jiggle in this energetic class, where you’ll learn a variety of trademark 60s dance moves including The Twist, Monkey, Pony, Watusi and Swim - all whilst getting an absolutely aerobic workout.


Each week includes new moves, combinations and mini-routines all to a groovy 60s soundtrack including Nancy Sinatra, The Sonics, The Rolling Stones and more.


Perfect for absolute beginners and those who have previously attended GoGo classes and workshops.

70s Disco

Perfect for the beginner or anyone who loves to boogie, our 70s dance courses will keep you moving and enjoying dance!


Playing a heady mix of 70s funk and disco, this course is guaranteed to get your toes tapping and your heart racing!


Learn trademark steps such as the hustle, bump step, the Bus Stop the disco finger and the stealth walk! 


The class will start with a fun warm up, then we will move on to learning and breaking down the moves, sew the moves together in a small choreography and then in pairs or solo make our way down the soul train line or just learn a funky 70s routine. This is an energetic fun filled dance style that is easy to learn and done in a communal supportive environment. Great for those that don't like too much structure in their dance class!

80s Solid Gold

Join the daggy jazz club for this fun workout incorporating moves and aesthetic from the smash hit show Solid Gold!


Grab your leotard and your sweat band and lets do this!

80s Cardio Express

This 45 minute fist pumping, cardio funk vibing, 80s kitch dance session that will have you smiling and feeling fine to our 80s mix tape!

90s / 00s Video Vixens

Our Video Vixens pays homage to the pop sensations of the 1990s and 2000s. Our instructors are inspired by the choreography and costuming of the times and guide their students through the moves.

Suitable for all levels of students, this course also gives our students the opportunity to perform.

Vintage Shake​ Dance

Shake it like the gals at the Cotton Club! 

Shake dancing is a mix of vintage jazz moves, expressive lyrical arm movements, loads of shake and shimmies with a touch of hoochie coochie! Karlee is one of Sydney most innovative dancers and choreographers in Sydney and this course is the first of its kind in Australia! Get ready for a pure vintage dance workout taboot!


A perfect class for something new or if you are interested in burlesque performance as this is a perfect compliment to grow your dance repertoire within this genre

Vintage Varietease

Not sure where to start? Too much choice? This course offers you the opportunity to try a different vintage dance style each week! A great way to try styles before you commit to a course! Styles included are burlesque, 60s gogo, vintage jazz, 70s disco, blues & 90s Fresh!

Fosse Follies 

Step on to the stage with Broadway Jazz! This style of dance covers the old and the new, think of musical theature tunes such as Cabaret, Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Lion King, Cats, An American In Paris, Singing in the Rain and more. Broadway Jazz is an expressive style of movement mixing traditional jazz steps with personality and life to suit the story they are matched with.


This is a Beginner level course.

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