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Demon Derriere

Booty & Burlesque Instructor

Demon Derriere is a body positive booty manipulator and creative director of Big Thick Energy, a festival celebrating all bodies. Demon demands society’s attention to break the stereotypes of beauty, to abolish discrimination and fatphobia and to liberate all bodies. As a Hoh/Deaf woman she aims to display the essence of the music through the feeling vibrations create and incorporate native Auslan.


Demon explores her experiences of “otherness” as she expresses sexual energy and blurs the lines between dance and pornography using elements traditional Egyptian Belly Dance, Twerk and striptease.


Demon’s current achievements include being a resident artist at The Imperial, starring on ABC’s ‘The Catalyst’ and Netflix X Pedestrian TV Doco 'The Sexpert'. You may have spotted her badonkadonk shaking it on the stages of Darlinghurst Theatre company, Malthouse, MCA, Art Gallery on NSW, The Bearded Tit,The Speigltent, and many more.

Demon teaching style is based on body positivity, self love, and self expression. Be prepared to laugh, sweat and shake the room in your bootylesque classes. Demon caters to all levels of dancers and encourages you to listen to your body and you learn your new Twerk tricks. Connect with community, liberate your body and leave your pants at home!

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