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Image by Georgia Moloney at Royal Heart Revue at The Vanguard.

Kelly Ann Doll

Jive & Burlesque Instructor

Kelly Ann Doll is the inimitable ‘high octane’ Burlesque Powerhouse. 


With more titles under her belt than a heavy weight champion, this doll has been entertaining the nation for well over a decade. Her everlasting energy and skills have seen her sky rocket her way to successful career not only the Burlesque Arena but as a producer, mentor and creative director with her clients being some of the Nation’s leading event companies and festival directors. 



Kelly Ann Doll is in high demand and has also caught the attention of high profile artists such as The Cat Empire, Amanda Palmer, Briefs Factory, Carla Lippis & Ali McGregor being handpicked to perform alongside them in various shows around the Globe! 


She has brought her signature style and unique coaching to Sydney Vintage Dance, so be sure not to miss out on a spot in one of her classes!

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Image by Cam Attree

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