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Chair  & Heels

Learn to finesse your prop of choice.

Sydney Vintage Dance Studio offers skilled tuition with your prop of choice. Mastery of the chair and heels takes time, but take your first steps with us!

Beginner Chair

Learn tricks and tips to navigate your way around a Chair! Think a mix of Cabaret and Burlesque as you learn poses and styling to match the timeless dance style that is Chair dance!

Open Level Chair

Kick those chair skills up a notch and take your class to the next level.

More challenging moves are combined with conditioning and musicality.

Chair dance is a classical staple of musical theatre dance along with being a great work out in a contemporary dance setting.


Not only will you discover abdominal muscles you didn't realise you had you will also learn to utilise the chair as a prop and get the opportunity to level up your flexibility. This course is suitable for dancers or non dancers and anyone who wants to play with exercise in a way that will make you think you haven't done any because it is so much fun!


You will get an entire body work out during this 5 week chair dance course.

You will learn chair tricks, how to move around the chair and put it together in to a sultry routine! Chair dance is flirty and fun and the best exercise you will get sitting down!

Slow Heels

Heels dance classes have gained popularity over the last 10 years, inspired by legendary dancers Yannis Marshall and Aisha Francis, this class will assist you to develop the finer skills of dancing in heels and the sass and power of adding an exotic touch to your stylised funk/jazz repetoire.


This style is a designed to be slow but punchy and is set at a beginner level to develop the hunger for a faster paced heels class.


Be confident on the dance floor and in class with this fun-filled, self-empowering, confidence building dance course that will bring the inner fierceness out of your soul!! Music used - think Sade, Janet Jackson, Prince and Beyonce!


Not only will you have fun while getting fit, but you will also be able to strut your stuff confidently in your new pumps!

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