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From Classic to Neo and everything in between!

Sydney Vintage Dance studio caters to all burlesque students - from the ultimate beginner to those who want to explore more of the style and their own bodies.

Debutante (Beginner) Burlesque

Get a glimpse into the sparkly world of burlesque where you will bump, grind and strut your way through this course. Learn the history and foundations of the art of the tease through playful poses, glove peeling, boa play and burlesque struts.

Vixens (Intermediate) Burlesque

Our intermediate class delves deeper into additional clothing props and more complex choreography. This course incorporates more of the art of tease and is the next level after our Debutante Course.

Vintage Bump & Grind 

Explore the 1950s with this stylised bump n grind class which gives you bang for your buck on your thighs and glutes! Set to big band jazz music of the era expect to sweat and use your core and thighs like never before!


Suitable for Beginners or Intermediate level students.

Sensual Strip

Let's slow things down this lockdown with a nice slow paced dance class that will give you a great workout and an opportunity to get in touch with your sensual side. No nudity is in this class, however the style is based on all things striptease, offering undulations, grinds, body slides, sexy crawls and much more! An explorative class guided by striptease artist SHEENA. Bring a bathrobe, some heels and wear something that makes you feel sexy! If that is your Pjs - so bet it, if it is lingerie so be it, a bunch of shopping bags tied together - so be it!

Showgirl Burlesque

Think Parisian and Las Vegas Showgirls!  Learn classic lines, postural poses and classic showgirl choreography.

Don a feather headdress and get ready to strut your stuff!

Fetish Burlesque

Explore your dark side in this fetish burlesque course with multi disciplinary artist and choreographer Paloma Negra. Learn how to celebrate your fetish and kinks in a burlesque context including how to weave in costuming and choreography that communicates a dramatic story. Learn about consent, eye contact and being in both a sub and domme role. 

Burlesque Choreography 

We offer themed burlesque choreography courses to all your favourite songs. Whether they be vintage inspired (think Marilyn Monroe or big band) or modern styles with the likes of Billie Eilish and more.

These short courses are designed to help our students take what they have learnt in our technique classes and apply them to routines.

Feather Fans

Learn the art of Fans from Sydney Fan Legend, Sheena

A true art form, Sydney Vintage Dance Studio offers  technique focused Feather Fans classes for all students

Feather Fans

Debutante (Beginner) Fans

Our perfect introduction to all things fan!


Join our experienced instructors and learn our core moves, basic conditioning and more.

From grip changes to windmills, this course will have you floating like never before.

Vixens (Intermediate) Fans

Learn to develop your fan dance style with the queen of burlesque fans - Sheena Miss Demeanour! You must have done a beginner level course as a pre-requisite.

In this course, we tackle harder moves and choreography.

Fan Choreography

Choreography based classes, where students can take what they have learnt in our technique courses and apply them to routines.

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